"Very focused on use and techniques specific to Diode lasers, this was exactly
what we needed." 

​Eric, DDS

We have combined

CA Infection Control and CA Dental Practice Act courses into 1 Single Day.
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Janet Press RDH has been in general and specialty practice for over 35 years, with 17 years clinical experience in soft tissue lasers.  Ms. Press holds the Academy of Laser Dentistry (ALD) Standard Proficiency in both Diode and Nd:Yag lasers.

Previously was a co-director of the Dynamic Team and Laser Certification Programs at Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies (LVI). 

Ms. Press conducts national and international workshops with emphasis on soft tissue lasers in dentistry, hygiene practice refinement, advanced ultrasonic/piezo instrumentation and team development/communication. 

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Dr. Micahel Koceja has been actively involved in the use of lasers in Dentistry since 1999.  He has lectured extensively on “General Dentist’s incorporation of lasers in their practices.” He received his 

laser certification in 2000, and has since achieved mastership level in the World Clinical Laser Institute.

As one of the early users of the Waterlase laser, he is actively involved in the testing and development of

new techniques to increase use and awareness of Dental lasers.

Dr. Koceja has also tested various models of other lasers giving him true comparison of what lasers can and cannot do. He is actively involved in the W.C.L.I., including a position on the certification committee.  Dr. Koceja is presently practicing in Camas, Washington and has trained over 1000 dentists to use the Waterlase , the Waterlase MD, and Diode dental lasers. Some of the articles Dr Koceja has written include:

“Lasers Helps Us Do Better Dentistry,”

“The Atraumatic Excision  And Ablation Of Mandibular Tori With The YSGG Laser”

“Dermatological Applications Of A Dental Laser Device In A General Practice.” 


"Thank you for putting together a wonderful class on Diode lasers.
​Janet is a great speaker and very knowledgeable about the subject." 

​Sonia, RDH


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Laser Training

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Diode Laser Certification
#100 or #400
= $595.00


Diode Laser Certification
#100 or #400
 = $495.00 

"This was a very good hands-on course with step-by-step  education and hands on training. Thank you, for educating me on the use of the Diode Laser"

Tammy, RDH

This dynamic workshop is designed to build confidence and
a clinical understanding in the ​delivery of periodontal
​treatment protocols by using Diode Lasers.

Dr. Todd Snyder is licensed as a general dentist in the State of California and provides general and cosmetic dentistry procedures as well as the treatment of Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ/TMD) disorders. Dr. Todd Snyder, D.D.S., received his DDS from the University of California at Los Angeles. Prior to working as a dentist in Orange County, Dr. Snyder was a faculty member of the UCLA School of Dentistry. 

​As a faculty member in UCLA’s Center for Esthetic Dentistry, he co-developed and was co-director of the first and only comprehensive two-year program in Esthetic and Contemporary Restorative Dentistry.

He still teaches and lectures internationally on Cosmetic, Restorative Dentistry and TMJ therapy. Furthermore Dr Snyder has trained at the prestigious FACE Institute, in San Francisco where he received additional training in occlusion, bite disorders and treating TMJ/TMD. Dr Snyder is an international lecturer and author with a private practice known as Aesthetic Dental Designs® in Laguna Niguel, Orange County, California.

After taking this class, I now feel confident with laser and that is not just an adjunctive treatment, but a necessary treatment to give full benefit and advantage to my patients.”      
​Ann, DDS

Diode Laser Certification​​​ Testimonials

Thank you Chris for hosting such a great workshop.  The speaker Janet Press was amazing!!!  Her knowledge and expertise on the laser was great as expected, however she taught us so much more.  Having the technical skills to use the laser is one thing but we'll never be able to use those skills without being able to communicate the benefits of the laser to our patients. Janet taught us both skills and also gave us the resources to support the information we learned. "

Cheryl Akagi, RDH

"Love the way she lectures and gives us real life examples to help us understand the subject thoroughly.  I feel a lot more confident now. Thanks again."

Tonia, DDS

​​San Diego

13th Annual