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13th Annual


Hands-On ​​
Sleep Apnea Workshop
for the General Dentists
​and office staff.

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Sleep Apnea Workshop
#108 or #408
Dentist = $499.00
Staff = $299.00
​Dentist + 2 Staff = $999.00
​Dentist + 3 Staff = $1,250.00
​Dentist + 4 Staff = $1,550.00


Day Pass Includes: 
Breakfast $25.00, Lunch $25.00,l $40.00
 Included Free with Any Day Pass
​( Total Value = $110 )
*CPR Class #301 or #601 + $20with any Pass  


 This Sleep apnea hands on workshop is designed to build your confidence, 
​gain knowledge, and understanding of sleep apnea.

8:00am-5:00pm       8 CEU

Dentist = $595.00    
Hygienist = $495.00

We have combined

CA Infection Control and CA Dental Practice Act courses into 1 Single Day.
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Dr. Batoon’s interest in sleep dental medicine grew from courses attended as part of her continuing education. Her three children drove her passion to address sleep disorder breathing (SDB) in the pediatric population.  Each of her children had different symptoms and as she learned more about pediatric SDB, she knew she had to explore this area further. 

​Dr. Batoon is an international speaker in the area of Sleep Apnea and Sleep Disordered Breathing.  She understands the vital role dentists play in identifying and treating this condition in both children and adults.  

In this course participants will learn how to:
•  screen and evaluate adults and patients for possible sleep issues
•  screen and evaluate for TMD issues
•  incorporate laser technology as a way to treat factors contributing to sleep issues
•  make temp splints
• Protocol for Evaluation and Screening
• Appliances Selection and follow up 

Course Handouts Include
•  Scripts for front office and dental assistants, and also Scripts to medical referring doctors

This course is for anyone who wants to …introduce or incorporate sleep medicine in their practice, screen for sleep issues and refer, help identify possible patients within their practice, and learn how to market 
This course is geared to the Doctor, Office Manager, and Clinical Staff.

Morning Session will focus on:
• Sleep related disordered breathing in both children and adults,
• Examination and records.
• TMD patients
• Flow of evaluating and treating
• Role of dentists
• Collaborative flow

Afternoon Session includes: 
• Rotations in laser dentistry,
• making quick splints,
• initial exam,
• role playing with team

Hands-on Session will focus on:
​• temp splints 
• laser dentistry 
• taking records 
​• role playing with team members

​Sleep Apnea Workshop
Class #108 - Friday, June 22


Class #408 - Saturday, June 23

Dentist = $499.00
Staff = $299.00
​Dentist + 2 Staff = $999.00
​Dentist + 3 Staff = $1,250.00
​Dentist + 4 Staff = $1,550.00

8:00 am - 5:00 pm      

​​At the end there will be a  ​Hands on Workshop.

​- ​Course includes hand-on training
​to make a temp splint
- Attendees receive a George Gauge kit
- Hands-on training CO2 Lasers
- Access to forms used to hire / train sleep staff

​This program meets the standards for curriculum guidelines in dental education for  dental professionals.

Class #108 - Friday, June 22
Class #408 - Saturday, June 23

8:30 AM - 5:00 PM  8 CE

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Hands-on Workshop

Dr. Diana Batoon is an international speaker who combines her passion and expertise to challenge the way dentistry is done.  She invites her patients and her audiences to question popular misconceptions and face the intimate connection between oral health and overall health.  It’s been proven in her practice that this approach leads to long-lasting restorations and overall improvement in oral health.